about us

We started Road Junkiez back in 2018 with an idea and a vision that was inspired and fueled solely by the ambitions of wanting more than what life was giving. We knew from first hand experience that nothing was going to change unless we made it happen. We then took that ideal and vision and put it on paper. We started by releasing one shirt , that had the best quality material that we could source. That took off so well that others started seeing our vision too -receiving our message that we strongly championed. With this we encouraged anyone that would listen, while continuosly building on our foundation . We adamantly stuck to our mission of supplying people with high quality fashion items that motivate them to be the best versions of themselves. That, no matter how hard life gets or what you accomplish, continue to push and transcend all limits. Become addicted to a cultured lifestyle of success and winning and you will be on top.